2023 L.I.F.E Picture Gallery - IMPORTANT INFORMATION

First I would like to share the LINK to view the pictures gallery for the L.I.F.E. Expo Participants taken Tuesday - Friday. However, before you CLICK on the LINK, it is important that you take a minute to read the brief information below to help you navigate the website.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW L.I.F.E. Expo Picture Gallery

Upon entering the website, you will be asked to enter your email address. Once you have entered your email, you can either CLICK on VIEW GALLERY or SWIPE UP.

When the Gallery Opens, you will see a thin bar at the TOP. These are the 71 folders of pictures separated by category and class.

To see all the categories, just slide your finger back and forth across the bar. When you get to the end, there with be the word MORE. Click MORE and the remaining list will appear and you can then swipe up and down through the list to see the remaining categories.

If you look at the icons at the top of the screen in the first image, you will see the ICON that looks like a stand. This is where you can find the packages. There are no only DIGITAL packages available but also prints. Both DIGITAL and PRINT packages allow you to have multiple or different images. EXAMPLE, if you choose 8 DIGITAL DOWNLOADS, you can go through all the galleries and choose up to 8 pictures to download. The same for print.

Once you choose a package, all the available amount of images you can add to the package will appear like this. You just need to CLICK on each space that says SELECT PHOTO and you will be directed to the picture gallery.

Once in the picture gallery, you can choose ANY of the galleries, look through the pictures, select one picture and confirm. Then you slide down to the next SELECT PHOTO space and continue to do the same until you have selected all the pictures that are included in the package you choose.

Once you have completed selecting the pictures for your package, you then ADD TO CART and then CHECK OUT. For Digital Picture Packages, you will be sent an email with a LINK to download your pictures all in HIGH RES and if you wish print them at the lab of your choice. For print packages, they will be shipped to your home. You can add as many packages as you like to your order and even combine digital and print packages on the same order.

*** NOTE - ALL DIGITAL PICTURES will be delivered to you without watermarks.